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Prepare for your first consultation

When choosing a practitioner for your dermal filler treatment, do your research!

It’s really important that you go to somebody who is experienced in both the treatment you are looking for, and the product that you want to have put in your face. Make sure when you book the consultation, that your appointment is with the same person who is going to do your treatment (not a sales advisor) and take time to listen to and think about what has been discussed. If the practitioner offers you a discount or an incentive to have treatment on the same day, be wary of this. A good practitioner should not try to persuade you or make you feel obliged to have treatment.  

Just because an injector may have a popular social media profile and lots of followers, or glamourous before and after pictures, this does not necessarily mean that they are the best practitioner for the job. Practitioners that can market themselves well are clearly good salespeople, but may or may not be good injectors, so it is important that you research the practitioner in terms of their skill and their expertise. Ideally you should be looking for a qualified medical practitioner that has several years of experience in the type of procedure that you are looking to have. 

We are often swayed by seeing dramatic or edited before and after before and after pictures online, while word of mouth recommendations and real-life results on the face of someone you know, is a much better way of judging the skill of the practitioner. Remember when you are looking at photographs on a screen, they are just two-dimensional images, while seeing faces moving naturally gives a much more realistic idea of what to expect from an injector’s results.

Always look at the practitioner’s own face and ask what treatments they have had. If they have never had any treatments, you may want to question why not, or if they themselves look fake or overdone, if their lips are too full, or cheeks are too exaggerated, it will give you an idea of what they think is a good result. I suggest that you avoid a practitioner whose aesthetic eye is considerably different to the result that you desire.


Finally, all treatment consultations should include a detailed medical history. Dermal fillers are essentially implants introduced through a needle, so it is very important that your general health is taken into consideration, including allergies and previous treatments, before being offered a treatment. A good practitioner will always arrange a follow up appointment about 4 weeks later to check and make sure you are happy with your results.

Dr. Tahera Bhojani-Lynch

Oculoplastic Surgeon


Dr. Bhojani-Lynch is an internationally acclaimed Oculoplastic Surgeon. With over 25 years of experience, she is committed to promoting safety, natural beauty, and delivering exceptional results in Aesthetic Medicine.