RHA®. Naturalness Reimagined.

Introducing Teoxane RHA®: The Science of Dynamic Beauty. Our patented technology, the result of cutting-edge scientific research, is at the core of our dermal fillers and dermo cosmetics.

Beauty is Dynamic

Every facial expression, from a fleeting smile to a moment of laughter, is a dynamic dance of over two dozen facial muscles. However, most traditional dermal fillers only behave in static conditions, often resulting in unnatural stiffness¹

At Teoxane, we've rewritten the rules. Inspired by the natural dynamism of hyaluronic acid in our skin, we've placed facial movement at the heart of our research.

The result? Expertly crafted designer gels that move gracefully with your expressions, delivering subtlety and natural beauty¹∙²

RHA®. Naturalness Reimagined.

Naturally, hyaluronic acid keeps your skin youthful, but over time, it breaks down, leading to wrinkles³.

Enter RHA, our secret weapon. Our dermal filler gel, crafted with Preserved Network Technology (PNT), mirrors your skin's hyaluronic acid, providing lasting, natural results¹.

Thanks to PNT, our fillers offer unique stretch and strength. They resist facial stresses, adapt to daily movements, maintaining volume in mobile areas like cheeks and the perioral region⁴. Not all gels are equal.

Experience Teosyal RHA® - get closest to replacing the natural hyaluronic acid that has been lost from your skin - for perfectly tailored, subtle beauty.

Clinically-Proven Benefits

Our RHA® collection is more than just safe and effective; it's backed by a year-long clinical study⁵ (up to 18 months for RHA®2, RHA® 3, and RHA® 4⁴).

The results speak volumes: both patients and practitioners gave our Teosyal® RHA range a resounding thumbs up, reporting higher satisfaction compared to other fillers. Not to mention, our products make the injection process a breeze, ensuring that your treatment is in expert hands⁴.

These award-winning fillers adapt seamlessly to your facial expressions for a naturally beautiful look. You won't even know they're there⁴∙⁵.

Witness the Transformation: Natural-Looking Results¹ with Dermal Fillers

Teoxane has already helped millions of people around the world to get the subtle, natural-looking results they want.

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After: Item 1


Wondering about TEOSYAL RHA® vs. Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural sugar molecule in your body³, responsible for binding and retaining water to nourish tissues⁸. It's the secret to plump, hydrated skin⁶.

Teosyal RHA® dermal fillers are engineered to match the natural movements of your face, offering dynamic results. Thanks to their superior stretch and strength, they adapt to you whether you're at rest or in motion¹.

A New Generation of Hyaluronic Acid in Dermocosmetics

Pioneers in hyaluronic acid innovation, we've transformed dermal filler technology into advanced dermocosmetics⁷.

Our secret?

20 years of hyaluronic acid expertise, resulting in our signature RHA resilient hyaluronic acid®. It strengthens, protects, and hydrates for radiant skin⁸.

Crafted through patented innovation, our technology is designed to counter signs of ageing. It creates a breathable, water-trapping mesh on your skin, preserving hyaluronic acid's hydrating and anti-aging magic⁸. Experience enduring hydration beyond the norm.

Clinically Proven Triple Action Formula⁸



Increases water content in the epidermis

Skin barrier


Strengthens the skin's

Reducing transepidermal water loss by -27.8%

Skin micro relief


Smoothes the skin & maintains skin integrity

Unlock the Skin Quality Routine

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