Skin Quality Routine

Discover Teoxane's 4-step skincare routine to maintain a healthy-looking skin

What’s Your Skin Telling You?

Skin quality, radiance and texture influence the perception of age and your general state of health. It plays an important role on how you feel and how you are perceived.

The skin undergoes natural physiological changes over time, slow and irreversible alterations due to intrinsic factors: oxidative stress, ethnicity and hormonal changes.

Skin is also impacted by extrinsic factors: sun exposure, air pollution, stress, lifestyle choices. They lead to a premature skin ageing and tend to aggravate its visible signs.

Throughout your life, your skin suffers the consequences of skin aging such as fine lines, dryness, laxity.¹

Your Skin Deserves The Best Every Day

The skin is the most extended and exposed organ of the body, dermocosmetics are key for maintaining a healthy skin, as they support the skin ensure all its functions.

Our commitment to skincare excellence begins with an expert anti-ageing dermocosmetics range inspired by our groundbreaking dermal fillers technology. Formulated with our signature ingredient, RHA resilient hyaluronic acid®, this line reflects the precision and innovation that originated from aesthetic medicine.²

As a scientific brand, we stand as a companion throughout your beauty journey. Trusted by healthcare professionals, we are dedicated to supporting you both in the clinic and at home. From the origins in aesthetic medicine to the ongoing pursuit of skincare excellence, our brand is synonymous with innovation and care.

Discover Your Skin Quality Essentials

An innovative approach leveraging 20 years of research in hyaluronic acid to strengthen and protect the skin, and provide optimal hydration.³

RHA®️ Serum: Highly concentrated in Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid⁴

We are the first to evolve crosslinked hyaluronic acid similar to dermal fillers into dermocosmetics⁵, helping to strengthen and protect the skin, while providing optimal hydration³.

The ultra hydrating serum to improve 7 signs of ageing: firmness, smoothness, plumpness, tonicity, elasticity, hydration and wrinkles.⁴

Our worldwide acclaimed best seller² with a high concentration of 3% RHA® for hydrating and anti-ageing properties.⁴

Clinically-Proven Efficacy⁴

Enhanced results observed with prolonged use of RHA®️ Serum



(after 1 application)



(after 14 days)



(after 14 days)



(after 28 days)

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Inspired by dermal fillers technology, an expert anti-ageing range trusted by healthcare professionals.

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