Brighten your Skin with Science

Reveal your best skin with our patient-centered brightening routine. Three products for correction, protection, and a radiant complexion¹. Your journey to a more confident you start here.

Did You Know?

1 in 4 Women are Prone to Hyperpigmentation²

Say goodbye to dark spots! Our Brightening routine, backed by Swiss science, tackles hyperpigmentation for a more even, radiant complexion.

Clinically proven, it corrects and protects your skin¹, countering the effects of both environmental factors (like sun exposure) and internal factors (like aging and genetics)³. Experience a brighter you!

Achieve a luminous complexion with our brightening routine. Teoxane’s dermocosmetics are specially formulated for effective skin brightening. Incorporate our products into your daily skincare routine for glowing skin. Discover the best in Teoxane brightening solutions and enhance your natural radiance.

Your Brightening Essentials

Elevating Beauty: The Brightening Journey

The high efficacy of our routine is clinically proven and it has a very good tolerance level when tested under dermatological control¹.

Brighten your skin with science Fight hyperpigmentation with every drop of Teoxane’s brightening routine,

Introducing our comprehensive three-step routine for radiant skin.

Begin your journey with our RHA® VIT C SERUM, a powerful 8% Vitamin C solution that combats uneven pigmentation while enhancing your skin's radiance.⁴

Next, shield your skin from UV damage and prevent the appearance of dark spots with our UVA SHIELD SPF50+.⁵

Finally, our BRIGHTENING NIGHT PEEL promotes natural cell renewal⁶, leaving your skin smooth, radiant, and free from uneven pigmentation.⁷

Clinically Proven Efficacy¹

Enhanced results observed with prolonged use of the routine.









The Solution for a More Even and Radiant Complexion¹

See the remarkable difference just four months can make. Our before and after photos tell the story of a brighter, more even complexion. Dark spots significantly fade, revealing the radiant skin you deserve.

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After: Item 1


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