Brighten your Skin with Science

Reveal your best skin with our patient-centered brightening routine. Three products for correction, protection, and a radiant complexion¹. Your journey to a more confident you start here.

Did You Know?

1 in 4 Women are Prone to Hyperpigmentation²

Say goodbye to dark spots! Our Brightening routine, backed by Swiss science, tackles hyperpigmentation for a more even, radiant complexion.

Clinically proven, it corrects and protects your skin¹, countering the effects of both environmental factors (like sun exposure) and internal factors (like aging and genetics)³. Experience a brighter you!

Your Brightening Essentials

Elevating Beauty: The Brightening Journey

The high efficacy of our routine is clinically proven and it has a very good tolerance level when tested under dermatological control¹.

Brighten your skin with science Fight hyperpigmentation with every drop of Teoxane’s brightening routine,

Introducing our comprehensive three-step routine for radiant skin.

Begin your journey with our RHA® VIT C SERUM, a powerful 8% Vitamin C solution that combats uneven pigmentation while enhancing your skin's radiance.⁴

Next, shield your skin from UV damage and prevent the appearance of dark spots with our UVA SHIELD SPF50+.⁵

Finally, our BRIGHTENING NIGHT PEEL promotes natural cell renewal⁶, leaving your skin smooth, radiant, and free from uneven pigmentation.⁷

Clinically Proven Efficacy¹

Enhanced results observed with prolonged use of the routine.









The Solution for a More Even and Radiant Complexion¹

See the remarkable difference just four months can make. Our before and after photos tell the story of a brighter, more even complexion. Dark spots significantly fade, revealing the radiant skin you deserve.

Before: Item 1


After: Item 1


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