Filler is the first step on the path to beauty: here is how to best prepare

Filler is the first step on the path to beauty: here is how to best prepare

When I meet a patient for the first time, I remind myself that my job is to make his or her experience as comfortable as possible. And not only that, I also try to do it in a way that it will be a starting point for a real journey that we will take together.

During the initial consultation, I ask both questions of a medical nature (possible pathologies, ongoing treatments, pregnancy, allergies, etc.) and of a social nature, like what kind of lifestyle does the patient have. I ask if they have any social commitments, or any important activities in the days immediately following the treatment.

Together – and this is the crucial moment – we discuss the reason for their visit, what they want, what they expect. People who come to our clinic do not always have clear ideas. Sometimes, patients will tell me that they like nothing about themselves and will ask me to make suggestions about what flaws to correct: in this case I reverse my approach, not to influence them, but instead I accompany them to the discovery of how they’d like to see themselves. Or sometimes a patient might know that they want to change a specific part of their face, for example lips, but don’t know in what way exactly: fuller, softer, with a cupid’s bow…? We can only get to a place where we can determine an entirely personalized and unique treatment plan through a careful consultation process.

In recent years, I have noticed that patients are becoming more and more informed on the topic of aesthetic medicine, thanks to social media and word of mouth. When they come to the clinic they’ve already formed an idea of the chosen treatment and what they can expect. However, I still always advise that they ask the specialist practitioner questions so as to relieve any doubts: about safety, any safety instructions, and especially, about post-procedure management. In particular, I believe that skincare recommendations are critical for after-treatment care, and they need to be adapted to the season. For this reason, I don’t just see my patients 15 days after their treatment to check if any problems have arisen, but also every three months, at the change of season.

All these appointments shouldn’t seem too many. In my opinion, the key to every patient’s optimal satisfaction is in establishing a common thread that will allow us to see each other more often, even without performing procedures, but just to advise on how to proceed. In short, to find a reference point in aesthetic medicine for self-care and personal beauty.

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Prof Giuseppe Sito 

Plastic Surgeon


Prof Giuseppe Sito – Specialist in Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, lecturer at the Higher Institute of Postgraduate Medicine, Agorà aesthetics department, Milan